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Why buy extra virgin olive oil from our online shop?

We have 40 years of experience: initially as producers of the finest extra virgin olive oil in the valley of Metauro river, then as importers and distributors in Germany. For us, quality extra virgin olive oil is an important aspect of daily life.

We offer our customers only products whose characteristics and origins we are absolutely certain of. The search for serious producers and finest extra virgin olive oils having strong organoleptic characteristics is a slow and difficult process, but also of great satisfaction. Browsing through an online or printed catalogue of the manufacturer and purchasing a batch of olive oil remotely is not enough for us. The path from the identification of possible candidates to the presentation of a new extra virgin olive oil in our online shop can last up to 24 months.

We start with the identification of the candidates first. This is usually done by scrutinizing the results of the various regional competitions. Then we proceed with a first contact with the producers and then the tasting of the samples. At the end of this process, we usually continue with only two products and producers which have convinced us most.
At this point, let's move on to the personal visit of the company: often a long but fascinating trip to the nicest places of Italy. If we are not convinced that the raw material is regional and 100% of Italian origin, the process stops. If successful, we start collaborating with the producer and offering the new olive oil extra vergine to our customers.
The control of our suppliers does not stop at the first, it is obviously constant over the years. For about 3 years we have been offering in our shop the extra virgin olive oil from the Zenobi oil mill in Pesaro. So far it is the only company that has passed and continues to pass our selection criteria. We are working on expanding our portfolio. But it doesn't depend on us ...

What does Extra Virgin Olive Oil mean?

Our extra virgin olive oils are obtained solely from the pressing of healthy olives, harvested by hand with the help of mechanical aids directly from the trees, without the addition of chemical additives. Our extra virgin olive oils are then obtained from olives, in conditions that do not cause deterioration of the oil, and which have not undergone any treatment other than washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration.

The EC Directive 1989/2003 sets out the parameters by which to classify the various olive oils. According to this directive, an extra virgin olive oil must fall within the following chemical parameters:

Category Extra virgin olive oil
Acidity (%) ≤ 0,8
Peroxide value (mEq O2/kg) ≤ 20
K232 ≤ 2,50
K270 ≤ 0,22
Delta-K ≤ 0,01

How to recognize a good extra virgin olive oil?

Knowing how to recognize a very good extra virgin olive oil is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. We certainly do not want to buy a product that is not worth the money spent whose taste does not satisfy us.

To recognize a fine extra virgin olive oil, just follow a few simple steps.

    • Pay attention to the price
      Beware of too low prices: a 100% Italian fine extra virgin olive oil cannot cost to the final consumer in Germany less than € 14 / kg, excluding temporary commercial offers.
      Is it better to buy an extra virgin olive oil at the price of a few euros and use a lot of it because it is tasteless? Or is it preferable to buy an oil with a higher price and use less of it because it has more flavour and it is also good for your health?
    • Look at the packaging
      Light quicken the oxidative processes that cause alterations and changes to the flavour of extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, buy only extra virgin olive oil in metal containers or dark glass bottles with airtight closure and possibly with anti-refilling cap. Avoid transparent glass containers that aim, for marketing purposes, only to highlight the colour of the oil at the expense of maintainability.
    • Read the label
      Check the product name. It must be: “Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva” ("Extra Virgin Olive Oil")
      Check that the category to which it belongs is: “Olio d’oliva di categoria superiore ottenuto direttamente dalle olive e con procedimenti meccanici” ("Superior-category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means").
      Check the origin. The packaging of an extra virgin olive oil produced in Italy with 100% Italian olives must have the words: “Olio extra vergine di oliva ottenuto in Italia da olive raccolte in Italia” ("Extra virgin olive oil obtained in Italy from olives harvested in Italy").
      Finally, check the presence of the name of the producer, the year of olive harvest and the nutritional values.
    • Ask for the chemical parameters indicating quality
      The directive EC 1989/2003 mentioned above indicates the maximum parameters for which an olive oil can be defined as extra virgin. An excellent olive oil must have:
      o Oleic acidity lower than 0.35%.
      o Peroxides (primary oil oxidation) lower than 9 meq O2 /kg.
    • Precautions when opening the bottle
      The extra virgin olive oil must be free from defects in the aromatic profile. We don't have to be professional tasters to understand if an oil has the minimum requirements to be of quality. Once the bottle is opened, the smell must be that of vegetable, a fresh scent, olive. The taste must have more or less accentuated notes of spicy and bitter. Finally, the fine extra virgin olive oil shall leave the mouth free of negative greasy sensations typical of poor oils.

Where to buy an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil then?

From Citadella Online Shop, of course. We have already selected for you what we think are the best extra virgin olive oils. We go to the oil mills, we talk to the producers and taste their products directly on their premises! Our suppliers work ethically and professionally, always putting quality first. The descriptions of our products contain the chemical parameters of the product. Upon request, we also send the laboratory analysis report.

Have other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to answer all your curiosities!

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